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I know this comm is pretty inactive, but I come bearing fic!

Title: I Can Tell Just What You Want
Fandom: Secret Six
Characters/Pairing: Catman/Deadshot, Jeannette
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,364
Summary: Blake. Lawton. Sparring. Sex. Pretty straightforward.
A/N: As a disclaimer, I do not ship this. However, Gail Simone does and that's good enough for me. Also, I was in a smut mood and there are no good words for girl parts and these two are tied for second favorite male character and as for my first, Ragdoll has neither functional genitalia nor anyone I'd feel comfortable seeing him sleep with (the first person who says Parademon or Black Alice gets punched in the solar plexus), so this was it. Enjoy.

( You don't want to be alone )
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Womanthology, and Batgirl speaks out

Apparently I can post but still not comment, so I'm abusing mod privilege to pimp an awesome project. (DDoSers, you suck monkey balls.)

Womanthology is a large scale anthology comic showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, including top industry professionals such as:

* Barbara Kesel (Writer/Editor Marvel, DC, Crossgen, Image, Dark Horse)
* Gail Simone ( DC writer, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six)
* Annie Nocenti ( Marvel writer, Daredevil, Editor for Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants)
* Ming Doyle ( Boom, Image, Marvel artist)
* Devin Grayson (DC writer; Batman, Nightwing, New Titans)
* Lauren Montgomery (Director & Storyboard Artist - Justice League, DC)
* Fiona Staples (DC, Wildstorm, IDW , Vertigo artist)
* June Brigman (Creator; Brenda Starr, Power Pack)
* Samantha Newark (Voice of JEM, Singer/Vocals - God of War, Hook)
* Bonnie Burton( Grrl.com)

The purpose of the book is to show support for female creators in comics and media.

"Read more and/or pledge your support at the Womanthology Kickstarter page.

And as an added incentive point of interest, DC Women Kicking Ass have published an interview with Kyrax2, the Batgirl!Steph at San Diego ComiCon who called DiDio & co out on DCnU's 'diversity'.
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Catman article

Here is a lovely article focussing on Catman and who he is; why he does what he does.

Born in Blood, by Carol Borden.

"I’ve been watching Dexter, and thinking about Thomas Blake, Catman in Gail Simone’s comic, Secret Six (DC, 2008-2011). With his tousled blond hair and predatory grin, Michael C. Hall would make an excellent candidate for any portrayal of Catman. But there are deeper resonances than physical resemblance."


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Secret Six is no more :(

It's official: as of issue #36, Secret Six is no more.

DCU's selection of 52 titles to 'relaunch' from issue #1 will not include our favourite band of misfits and oddballs, the Secret Six.

Read the details in Gail Simone's own words.

I have no idea what's going to happen to the rest of our merry band, but I do know that Deadshot is on the cover of Suicide Squad #1, along with a completely inappropriately underdressed Harley, and King Shark, who appears to have mutated into a hammerhead. *blinks*

This comm will continue to play host to your love of the Secret Six for as long as you all keep on sharing it.

Please, keep on sharing it! And keep the faith. There's no way all 52 books are going to survive their first year, so there are going to be gaps that need filling. ;)
Knockout and Scandal

A boring intro post and some pimping

Hello all, new member here! I started reading S6 in July '10 and since then I've crocheted a knockout doll, I did that list of 58 reasons Knockout should come back, and got a replication of Scandal's bicep tattoo (all links go to my journal entries on those things because who doesn't love some good old fashion pimping). Hope to get to know you all soon.
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FIC: kisses in the fallout shelter (Scandal/Jeannette, explicit)

Title: kisses in the fallout shelter
Author: tellitslant
Fandom: Secret Six
Pairing: Jeannette/Scandal Savage (Scandal/Knockout, Jeannette/Deadshot)
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 4300
Disclaimer: All hail Gail Simone. This is a transformative work with no infringement intended.
Notes: Set between "Unhinged" and "Double Date" (SS issues 7 and 8). Can be read as in the same universe as Begun in Wine, but reading that is not necessary to understand this. Thanks to bell for translation assistance!
Warnings: Consensual sexual violence (though not more than is canonical, I don't think)
Summary: Jeannette disapproves of Scandal's fixation on Knockout's death, and what sort of friend would she be if she didn't try to help Scandal work through her grief?

and those who stayed have gone to ground and talk is harsh and fleeting